h4Frequently Asked Questionsidea

(A) Do's & Don'ts

(B) Troubleshooting

(C) Misc. questions

(D) TradingStick Settings & Chart Issues

(A) Do's & Don'ts

1. Can I Rename a Stick Line that is active on the chart?

No. Once a stick code is activated on the chart TradingSticks monitors this line and if an Entry Stick it will recreate it, possibly at a point where you do not want it. TradingSticks is constantly scanning your chart for instructions and in the event of a power cut or your PC or VPS "going down", TradingSticks will try to recreat the correct set up based on what it finds and what you required from the initial setup.

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2. If I turn off my PC will TradingSticks still work?

No. TradingSticks needs Metatrader to be working as it sits within this platform. If everything is off then TradingSticks will not work until "turned on" again. Certain trading lines will still be visible with your Broker though. These include any references in your Terminal Panel (Ctrl+T) such as Entry Point, Stop Loss and Target Lines (if not in Stealth Mode).

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(B) Troubleshooting

1. I think I found a bug in TradingSticks! What should I do?

If TradingSticks is not acting the way you expected it to it may not be a bug.
Firstly check to see if the problem has been mentions in the FAQ sections.


If you still are not sure then go to the "Contact Us" tab above and select "Report a Bug" in the subject box and give as much detail as you can. We will get back to you very quickly to resolve the issue you are having.

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2. I cannot get the Happy Face in the Top Right of the Chart?

First check if you have got these setting correct.


If they were not correct and you have corrected them now, you must remove TradingSticks from your chart, close down your Metatrader Platform. Then restart it and reload TradingSticks back on to your chart(s).

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3. My Computer has said it is not safe and has removed the file? What to do ?

We suspect your Anti-Virus software (AVG, Norton, McAffe or whichever you use)  is protecting you from theTradingSticks software.

Also, we suspect that this only happens on trying to install the EA, is this correct?

The Update is an installer program which has files within it (TradingSticks EA, Presets etc) and your Anti-Virus software thinks it is a Trojan we suspect.

Next time you install the Update, either:

  1. Add the TradingSticks Update to the “EXCEPTIONS/ALLOWED” list, or
  2. Disable your Anti-Virus Software before installation.

However, if the installation when okay and then you have the problem then;

  1. Disable your Anti-Virus Software before installation.
  2. Add theTradingSticks Update to the “EXCEPTIONS/ALLOWED” list when you run it and are asked.

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4. The EA is not working. I get error messages that the Broker is not validated?

Make sure you have registered the correct Broker Number in you Account at the Client Area.

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5. The EA is not working. I only get Authenticating…Why?

This happens because of Question 4 (above) or you have not entered the Correct Product ID code.
If it loks correct, check for spaces at the start or end of the code.


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6. My Trading Lines Disappear as I draw them?

Firstly, if you are using the Strategy Tester, you will need to enter your Product ID in to the TradingSticks setup. If not then You cannot create Trading Lines.

Secondly, regardless of whether you are in the Strategy Tester or not, the Lot Size must not be less than 0.1 as your Broker will have set this as the minimum

Secondly, regardless of whether you are in the Strategy Tester or not, if your trade lot(s) are less than 0.1 they cannot be opened as they are smaller than the minimum Lots requirement. Look in the Journal Tab for an Error 131 and check your Lots Size is 0.1 or greater.

If you have a lot size of less than 0.1 you trigger an Error 131 within the Metatrader Platform from the Broker indicating “Invalid Trade Volume”.

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(C) Misc. Questions

1. I have not received my email with the Login codes etc. What should I do?

Firstly, check to see if it ended up in your Spam folder.

If you do not receive it within 30 Minutes then go to the "Contact Us" tab and select Installation Problems and request another email. Make sure you get the email address correct.


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2. I have a paypal account. How can I purchase with ClickBank?

Click on the ClickBank payment button and go to the ClickBank MarketPlace screen.

There you should see an option to pay with "PayPal". (See example Below)


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3. How can TradingSticks work on a Renko Chart that is off-line?

Best way to answer this is to watch the video.
Go and select the Videos Tab
Then select the Trading Strategies link and then choose Setting Up RENKO CHARTS for TradingSticks

Basically a 2 minute (on line) chart feeds the Renko off line Chart.
If you are a fan of Renko Charts then TradingSticks works best using ON TOUCH lines due to the nature of the way Metatrader draws the charts.
On Touch lines if drawn a box Higher (on a Buy) or Lower (on a Sell) have the same effect as an ON CLOSE.

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(D) TradingStick Settings & Chart Issues

1. Is there a away to turn off the text information on the left of the trading chart?

Description: C:\Users\Polygon\AppData\Local\Temp\SNAGHTML1794ed2.PNG

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2. How can TradingSticks send me an email alert but not place an order?

You can use Alert lines (HAC, HAT, LAC, LAT)
When the price action closes
(a) above a HAC or touches a HAT then the alert is triggered.
(b) closes below a LAC or touches a LAT then the alert is triggered.

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3. How do you place set of instructions/rules you have already saved onto an exiting order?

I believe you mean PRESETS.
Select Load and find where you saved them.


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4. How do you set up TradingSticks in the Strategy Tester?

Make sure you do the following:

1. Load Historic data for currency pair being tested.

2. Make sure you have added you Product ID in the Presets and setup like the example below.

You  can LOAD your Presets in to the Strategy Tester and then save them in the tester folder.
Then you can load different setups in to test as you choose. See some of our examples below.


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